Fundraisers can make a BIG impact - greatly increasing the success of the Giving Challenge! During the Giving Challenge, fundraisers help reach new audiences to increase online donations.  There are two different categories of 'Fundraisers' for the 2022 Giving Challenge:

Two Types Of Fundraisers

Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser:

  • An individual that fundraises on behalf of a nonprofit organization
  • Also interchangeably referred to as P2P Fundraisers or Champions
  • Does not require financial donation from the P2P Fundraiser

Business Fundraiser:

  • A business that supports multiple organizations
  • Encourage employees to give (a.k.a. Employee Engagement Program)
  • Does not require financial donation from the business
  • Learn how to become a 2022 Giving Challenge Business Fundraiser
  • Search current 2022 Giving Challenge Business Fundraisers