Swag Downloads

For organizations interested in creating 2022 Giving Challenge swag, below are a few design ideas to take to your local vendor of choice to produce.  Using the creative assets below and/or on the 2022 Giving Challenge downloads page, feel free to create your own designs, or co-brand as well.  These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Promotional Products
(cups, tote bag, key chains, etc.)

PDF | Vector | PNG

Selfie Frame (Horizontal)

PDF | Vector | PNG

Selfie Frame (Vertical)

PDF | Vector | PNG

*Giving Challenge Website QR Code

PDF | Vector | PNG

*The QR code streamlines donor interactions making accessing the 2022 Giving Challenge website fast and easy without having to type out the URL. Donors scan the QR code with their smart phone camera and with a quick click are transported to the donation page.