Sample LinkedIn Posts

Engaging your LinkedIn network is an easy way to share your Giving Challenge message to your professional network. By adding the LinkedIn platform to your Giving Challenge outreach plan you may be able to connect with audiences you'd otherwise miss on the other social media platforms.

Below are a few samples posts you can use to help get the word out. 

TIP:  While brevity might be a technique for other social media platforms, LinkedIn posts that tend to perform the best are longer and filled with multiple line breaks. The idea is that when viewers click "...see more", LinkedIn counts it as engagement, and shows the post on more feeds.  

Post for Encouraging Participation

Subject: Join me in making a difference in the 2024 Giving Challenge!

The 2024 Giving Challenge is approaching so mark your calendars for April 9 and 10 for an exciting opportunity to make a meaningful impact in our community.

The Giving Challenge is a day of generosity that offers a fantastic chance for all of us to come together and support causes that are close to our hearts.  

Your support for [Organization's Name], would mean a lot to us, and together, we can make a real difference. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, or simply spread the word about our cause, your participation would be greatly appreciated.

To learn more about our mission and the specific ways you can get involved during the 2024 Giving Challenge, please visit our website at [Link to 2024 Giving Challenge donation page/Giving Challenge website]. There, you'll find all the information you need to take part in this inspiring event.

Let's make the 2024 Giving Challenge a day to remember and a day of positive change in our community. Together, we can truly make a difference.  

#BeTheOne #GivingChallenge2024


Recruiting P2P Fundraisers

Subject: Join Our Team of Fundraisers to Raise Money for the 2024 Giving Challenge!

As we gear up for the Giving Challenge on April 9-10, 2024, our organization, is on the lookout for dedicated individuals to join our team of fundraisers.

The Giving Challenge is an incredible fundraising initiative, and we want you to help make this year's online giving event a resounding success.

We are seeking motivated individuals who are committed to our mission of [Briefly describe your organization's mission and the cause you support]. Your role as a fundraiser will involve reaching out to potential donors, spreading awareness about our cause, and encouraging support for the 2024 Giving Challenge.

Why should you consider this opportunity?

  1. Make a Meaningful Impact: By becoming a fundraiser, you'll be directly contributing to our cause and helping us make a difference in the lives of those we serve.
  2. Professional Development: You'll gain valuable experience in fundraising and networking while enhancing your skills in communication and outreach.
  3. Join a Passionate Community: You'll be part of a dedicated team of individuals who share your enthusiasm for giving back.

To learn more about the role and responsibilities, as well as how you can join our team of fundraisers, please visit [Link to Fundraiser Toolkit]. You'll find all the details you need to get started, as well as resources and support to make your fundraising efforts a success.

We believe that together, we can make the 2024 Giving Challenge an unforgettable day of giving and generosity.

We're looking forward to working together to create positive change in our community! 

#BeTheOne #GivingChallenge2024