Key Giving Challenge Dates

With all of the excitement leading up to the 2024 Giving Challenge on April 9 - 10 from noon to noon, below are a few important dates you'll want to mark on your calendar and remember. Additional dates will be added periodically.  

Key deadlines noted below in red


→ Training Webinar, Mental Fitness & Motivation: Aug 23, 2023


→ Training (in-person), Board Engagement & Recruitment: Sept 21, 2023

→ Training Opportunity, 1st Quarterly Virtual Open House: Sept 26, 2023


→ Training Webinar, Peer Learnings:  Oct 12, 2023


→ Giving Challenge Registration opens for Nonprofits: Nov 1, 2023

→ Training Webinar, Kick-off: Getting Ready: Nov 2, 2023


→ Training Opportunity, 2nd Quarterly Virtual Open House: Dec 19, 2023


Giving Challenge Registration Ends for Nonprofits: Jan 12, 2024 (5:00pm EST)

→ *Deadline for NEW Profile in The Giving Partner to be Submitted: Jan 12, 2024 (5:00pm EST)

→ *The Giving Partner Profile Update Deadline (EXISTING profiles): Jan 12, 2024 (5:00pm EST)


→ Training Webinar, Communication & Storytelling Strategies: Feb TBD, 2024

→ Training Webinar, Social Media Strategies: Feb TBD, 2024

MARCH 2024

→ Training Webinar,  Final Steps for Success: Mar 5, 2024

→ Training Opportunity, 3rd Quarterly Virtual Open House: Mar 7, 2024

APRIL 2024

→ Giving Challenge: April 9-10, 2024

Questions about the dates above? Contact or chat with the GiveGab Customer Success team using the Blue Chat Bubble to learn more!

*To be eligible to participate in the 2024 Giving Challenge, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) public charity who serves in one or more of the following counties: Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and/or DeSoto county and have an updated profile in The Giving Partner by 5:00pm EST Jan 12, 2024. Deadline dates for applying for and updating existing profiles in The Giving Partner for 2024 Giving Challenge eligibility are included above. For questions related to The Giving Partner, contact